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Welcome to our easy to use, map based system to find hotels all over the world.

Click on a continent, then a country, the country map gives a selection of hotels with links to their own web sites

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We have looked at a number of the existing systems for getting information on the Internet on hotels, and fond them lacking. The main problem has been that it is unusually difficult to see where on earth the hotel is in the country in question, and after that it is difficult to get a link to the hotels own web site to get more information

We have therefore carefully research the whole hotel market and are building a worldwide guide to hotels, in a format that is actually useful to the user. They can then contact the hotel directly and make a booking themselves

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Good Hotels Guide to accommodation all over the world with accommodation in Spain and hotel in UK

Follow the trail of Christopher Columbus and find hotels to stay at in Spain and Genoa. Or try ecotourism in Panama