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Hotel Les Mamelles, Dakar, Senegal

Hotel Les Mamelles, Dakar, Senegal

Located in a quiet residential district, 15 minutes from the centre of Dakar, 500 metres from the beaches and a 5-minute ride from the airport, the Hotel Les Mamelles offers 10 rooms in a two-floor building as well as an air-conditioned studio opening onto a flowery courtyard.

The hotel includes a snack-grill where guests can have a drink or a light meal, as well as a panoramic terrace with a solarium and a reading/TV room.

The hotel offers single, double and triple bedrooms, with fan or air conditioning. Some of the bedrooms are equipped with a private shower room, the others have to share the bathroom with another room.

The air conditioned studio features a double room, a lounge, a bathroom and a mini fridge.

Hotel Les Mamelles
36 Citée des Magistrats - 18522 Dakar (Les Mamelles)
Hotel Les Mamelles, Dakar, Senegal

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