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Tswlau Private Desert Reserve, South Africa

Tswalu Private Desert Reserve, South Africa

Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is perhaps the ultimate in luxury game reserve accommodation.

The Motse (Tswana for 'village'), is designed to blend into the surrounding mountains, and consists of eight spacious legaes (Tswana for 'homes'). Their design reflects the harmonious fusion of classic African style with understated elegance. Located in its own private part of Tswalu between two mountain ranges, Tarkuni is an exclusive, secluded retreat whose charm lies in its remoteness and tranquility.

Each day in the Kalahari dawns over a magnificent landscape, and a private game reserve where the myriad of shades and textures, sounds and contrasting silences of the wilderness will leave you with a profound sense of peace. Welcome to a landscape virtually unchanged by the passing of time.

Tswalu Private Desert Reserve
PO Box 1081
Kurudan, 8460 ZA
Tswalu Private Desert Reserve


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