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Inna Muara Hotel, Padang, Sumatra

Inna Muara Hotel, Padang, Sumatra

The hotel is located in the centre of the city surrounded by offices and near Padang Beach. At the heart of Padang's tourist and commercial centre and Padang Museum Park.

Inna Muara (Natour Muara) complete with Restaurant & Bar, Garden Pub, Drug Store, Convention Room, Travel and Taxi Service, laundry & Dry Cleanning.

All Inna Muara bedrooms have air conditioning, Private bath room, Hot and Cold water, Telephone & Telex service, Faxcimile, TV & Parbola program.

Inna Muara Hotel,
34, Jln. Gereja, Padang 25118
West Sumatera
Inna Muara Hotel, Padang, Sumatra


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