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Plaza Hotel, Halong, Vietnam

Plaza Hotel, Halong, Vietnam

Halong Palaza Hotel is located at the foot of the hill. Opposite the ferry station. 5 mins walk from the Post Office.

12 Story 200 luxurious room hotel is specially equipped with the latest in equipment and offers comfort. Halong Plaza Hotel offers amenities found in most luxurious four star Hotels such as live entertainment in a state of the art entertainment facility. There is also a state of the art conference room for business meetings.

Halong Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of Halong city, on Halong road, near the Bai Chay Ferry Station, with convenient access to Bai Chay Beach & Wharf and Hon Gai Administration Centre. Halong Plaza Hotel is surrouned by beautiful beaches, lush green tropical plants and offers views of the bay and its numerous islets.

Halong Plaza Hotel
8 Halong Road, Bai Chay,
Halong City, Vietnam

Plaza Hotel, Halong, Vietnam

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