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The Angelus Resort, St Kitts

The Angelus Resort, St Kitts

The Angelus Resort and Spa St.Kitts is a 15-acre bastion of tropical splendor embracing St. Kitts' spectacular Frigate Bay. It is a resort of rare beauty, where contemporary luxury meets Caribbean grace... where stimulating activities complement serene diversions... where discerning vacationers become beach-chair philosophers...where honeymooners find unimagined bliss...and where families rediscover the joy of being together.

The 4,800 square foot 3 level swimming pool provides its guest with 3 different swimming experiences. The top level provide nice views of the ocean, the middle level is the largest of the 3 levels. The center piece is its swim up bar. The bottom pool is the family pool. With a dept of only 3 feet is perfect for young families.

The pool has 2 waterfalls the run from level 3 to 2 and from level 2 to 1. This design feature provides cool running water falls sounds as you relax under the tropical sun.

The Angelus Resort,
Frigate Bay, Saint Kitts
The Angelus Resort, St Kitts

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