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Sunterra Flamingo Beach Resort, St Maarten

Sunterra Flamingo Beach Resort, St Maarten

On the beach, property next door to Pelican and La Vista Resorts.

Warmed by island charm at check-in, you scarcely have time to absorb the luxury of your villa before surrendering to the siren call of the sea. You skip across warm, white powder, plunge into the embrace of the swirling, sparkling waters and in that ecstatic instant, every seed of your anticipation explodes into fruition. It only gets better. Fiery sunsets, sizzling seafood, star light promenades - all without leaving the resort. Duty-freebies, discos and casino games in Dutch territory. Boutiques, brasseries and chic galleries on the French side of the island. A garden of delights for you, a butterfly who is always free to return.

Sunterra Flamingo Beach Resort,
6 Billy Folly Road, Pelican Key
Saint Maarten, AN
Sunterra Flamingo Beach Resort, St Maarten


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