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Cumulus Hotel, Kemi, Finland

Cumulus Hotel, Kemi, Finland

Hotel Cumulus Kemi, your gateway to Lapland, brings you all the exotic North has to offer; unique delicacies from the wilds, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the town's best spots for having fun. Get a taste of adventure aboard the Sampo, the world's only passanger icebreaker, or participate in one of many exiting safaris.

Adventure is the name of the game in Kemi. The world renowned Sampo Icebreaker, the Snow Castle, the various safaris available take you to the unforgettable land of adventures. A safari in the snowy surroundings of Kemi, fishing, river rafting, state of the art meals in the midst of exotic nature are experiences to last you a lifetime.

Rooms (total) 184

Cumulus Hotel,
Hahtisaarenkatu 3, Kemi Finland
Cumulus Hotel, Kemi, Finland


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