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Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel, Tarcal, Hungary

Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel, Tarcal, Hungary

The history and fortunes of Gróf Degenfeld is entwined with the vineyards of the Tokay region where the volcanic subsoil, south-facing slopes and unique micro climate create the perfect environment for viticulture. Count Imre Degenfeld was one of the founders of The Wine Association of Tokaj-Hegyalja in 1857. The hotel that takes his name is a country house set in a once-royal estate adjacent to its own vineyard. Air-conditioned throughout, it recalls the elegance of 19th century baroque in space, design and furniture.

The suite and 20 luxury rooms are well-appointed with splendid oversized bathrooms. The restaurant has a terrace that is much in demand on warm summer days. The regional cuisine begs for gastronomic adventure aided and abetted by delicious wines. There is also a wine bar where you will learn new pleasures. Other pastimes include tennis, a swimming pool, cellar tours and more wine tastings.

Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel,
Terezia Kert 9 - Tarcal, Hungary
Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel, Tarcal, Hungary



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