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Pur Navolok Hotel, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Pur Navolok Hotel, Arkhangelsk, Russia

The Pur-Navolok hotel is situated in the center of the town on the picturesque embankment of the Northern Dvina, very close to the Cape Pur-Navolok, the place where more then 400 years ago Arkhangelsk, the capital of the Russian North, was founded.

A few minutes of walk take you to the building of the Regional Government House. Many offices, banks, shopping centers, theatres, restaurants and libraries are located next to the Pur-Navolok Hotel. From the window of your room you can admire a wonderful view of the Northern Dvina, which keeps its beauty through all the seasons.

9 floors, 234 rooms

Pur Navolok Hotel,
88 Severnoy Dviny Naberezhna
Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation
Pur Navolok Hotel, Arkhangel, Russia


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