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Vlad Inn, Vladivostock, Russia

Vlad Inn, Vladivostock, Russia

Opened in 1993, the Vlad Inn is a western style hotel known as an "Oasis" in the Russian Far East. Western Management - The Vlad Inn is managed both by a Canadian General Manager and has a Canadian Guest Service Manager. Walking distance to convenience store and local restaurants. Walking distance to train station. Walking distance to a popular Ocean Beach

As Vladivostok's only western managed hotel, it prides itself on offering fantastic food with first class service in a clean comfortable environment.

Located between the airport (Artyom) and Vladivostok city center in a scenic park setting, which is part of the secure diplomatic region of the city. 20 Mins from Downtown Vladivostok 30 Mins from Vladivostok Airport (free airport pick up)

Vlad Inn Hotel,
35 8th Street Sanatornaya, Vladivostok,
Russian Federation 690024
Vlad Inn Hotel, Vladivostok, Russia


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