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Best Eastern Avan Villa Hotel,Yerevan, Armenia

Best Eastern Avan Villa Hotel,Yerevan, Armenia

Modern Yerevan is virtually under your feet at the Avan Villa Yerevan. This stunning 14-room hotel is located in a quiet and peaceful residential neighborhood just 10 minutes above the bustling city center. With single, double, and luxury rooms, it is the perfect choice for those who are seeking striking and luxurious accommodations, and an environment rich in the design and crafts of a resurgent Armenia.

A four-story mansion house and garden with all modern comforts and communications. From all floors guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Yerevan, majestic Mt. Aragats and the stunning countryside.

Exquisite furniture and interior accessories, created by Tufenkian Design Armenia and made locally by Armenian craftsmen.

Every room has a light and spacious marble bathroom. Luxury rooms have a view of the peaceful courtyard complete with sitting area and the traditional Armenian fireplace - tonir used for baking Armenian Lavash (bread) and broiled meats.

Cuisine unique in modern Armenia, featuring dishes and tastes from the regions of historic Armenia. A traditional restaurant features an environment crafted from Travertine, Basalt, wrought iron and wood.

Best Eastern Avan Villa Hotel,
13 Norki Str Blvd 16 - Yerevan, Armenia
Best Eastern Avan Villa Hotel,Yerevan, Armenia


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