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Daniel’s Head Village, Bermuda

Daniel’s Head Village, Bermuda

The 20-acre resort, built on a secluded peninsula on Bermuda’s western tip, is offering guests an opportunity to connect with nature. Some of the resort’s 96 tented cottages rise out of the sea, their glass floors providing views of the marine life below. Others, perched at the water’s edge, have their own tiny beaches, and still others are high on the hill overlooking ocean.

Each room is furnished with a double bed, nightstand, small dining table and chairs, and futon that sleeps two. Wrap-around windows, balconies andhair dryers, safes, coffeemakers and mini-refrigerators contrast with the camping-out atmosphere created by the canvas-like fabrics covering the walls and roof. A canvas-like fabric is stretched tight over a sturdy metal frame, just like a camping tent; that's all that's between you and the sounds of nature. .

Resort activities center on watersports – including snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and scuba diving – with botanical walking tours, lectures and slide shows on Bermuda’s history.

Daniel’s Head Village is within walking distance of Somerset Village and near the Dockyards, a former British fort now housing a museum, crafts market and restaurants.

Daniel’s Head Village, Bermuda



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