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Green Island Resort Hotel at the Great Barrier Reef

Green Island Resort Hotel at the Great Barrier Reef

Situated on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, 45 minutes off-shore from Cairns, Green Island is a small coral cay of 15 hectares surrounded by a coral reef. It has been acclaimed for its sensitive balance between the needs of visitors and the protection of a unique environment. It is the most exclusive and ecologically harmonious resort on the reef. Green Island is a National Park and as such the resort is unique.

A five star resort. Superbly appointed luxury guest rooms and suites are light and breezy, with a tropical ambience with views of rainforest and reef. Located on the southern side of the island, completely removed from the Day Guest facilities, the 10 Reef Suites and 36 Deluxe Guest Rooms provide accommodation for 90 people and are of low set style of construction carefully positioned amongst the lush vegetation of the island. Covered walkways connect the guest rooms to the reception area and private guest facilities including an elegant restaurant and bar, and a lounge area overlooking the private guest pool.

Whatever you chose to do, or not to do, there is one facet that is irresistable. The cuisine. You will experience not only natural treasures, but culinary ones also. The finest chefs will cook you dishes of a very different style.

Transfers between Cairns and Northern Beaches, and Green Island, are available with 3 scheduled departures daily.


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