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Wilpena Pound Resort, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Wilpena Pound Resort, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Rasheed's Wilpena Pound Resort is located in the heart of South Australia's ancient Flinders Ranges. Wilpena Pound, a spectacular natural feature rises as an immense crater like fusion of stark purple ridges, overhanging bluffs and natural vegetation.

Euros, Yellow-footed rock wallabies and Western Grey Kangaroos often seen on the plains within the park. It is also a bird watching paradise with ninety seven species of birds catalogued in the area. Depending on the seasonal rains the spectacular wildflowers including the introduced wild hops and Salvation Jane can be seen during the spring.

Located 450 kilometres north of Adelaide (approximately 4.5 hours drive) quality sealed roads lead right to the resort. The local road network is suitable for conventional vehicles, however local advise should be sought during unsettled weather.

A quality 60 unit motel offers a wide range of accommodation and options to meet all budgets. Twenty Six new units have recently been added with ten being self contained. All other accommodation has been delightfully refurbished as part of the recent multi million dollar development of the resort.



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