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Taveuni Island Resort, Fiji

Taveuni Island Resort, Fiji

Taveuni Island Resort is a small exclusive resort catering to just 14 people, set amongst lush tropical gardens. The clifftop Fiji resort and seven ocean view bures overlook Fiji's Somosomo Straits and the water of the Straits lap Taveuni Island's white sand beaches.

The hotel is the vision of a New Zealand couple who found this remote island whilst on honeymoon in Fiji, 27 years ago. On discovering its spectacular rain forests and underwater treasures, they knew Taveuni Island was a perfect place to build a romantic resort.

From sea level to cloud shrouded mountain peaks, Taveuni is a utopia for nature lovers. In this verdant Fijian paradise you can discover the attractions of Taveuni's cascading waterfalls, rare birds and hidden lake in one of the world's few completely undisturbed habitats. SCUBA dive on the many sites in the Rainbow Reef.

Taveuni Island Resort, Fiji

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