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Turtle Island Resort, Fiji

Turtle Island Resort, Fiji

Turtle Island is part of the Yasawa Group in the Republic of Fiji. A string of ancient volcanic lagoons and jagged islands, mostly uninhabited. Richard Evanson acquired the island in 1972 as a personal hideaway. Some years later he and his Fijian neighbors began to extend their hospitality to guests seeking an enchanting respite.

Turtle is a South Seas paradise of exotic trees, shrubs and flowers - a garden of tropical fruits and vegetables. He has planted thousands of trees, many of them Honduras Mahogany, to supplement the island's own. A road, built with care through the underbrush to preserve the natural environment, circles the island.

The number of guests is small (no more than 14 couples at any one time). There is a minimum stay of six nights which allows you to experience all aspects of Turtle Island

All meals, drinks and activities, including scuba diving and deep-sea fishing are included in your all-inclusive tarrif. Once you arrive, you are transported out of a money-oriented society into another world. No bills to sign, no checks to cash, no monetary considerations whatsoever.

Turtle Island Resort, Fiji


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