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Yasawa Island Resort, Fiji

Yasawa Island Resort, Fiji

The Yasawa Islands are precipitous with long stretches of sandy beaches fringed by blue water, and for most part undeveloped. The Yasawas were sighted by Captain Bligh in May 1789. For the most part the Yasawas were of little interest to European traders or settlers and for many years remained one of the most isolated parts of Fiji.

Yasawa is volcanic in origin and is situated 100 km north of Nadi and is the last island in the Yasawa Group. It is about 22 km long. The island is comprised of six villages with a total population of 1200 people. The village of Dalomo is one of the only two fully thatched villages remaining in Fiji.

Yasawa is famous for its beaches, in particular Champagne Beach, Paradise Beach, Lovers Beach, Atus Beach and Valawalu Beach near the village of Yasawa I Rara.

Situated at the Southern end of Yasawa is Sawa-I-Lau. This limestone is famous for its underwater caves and was used in the "Blue Lagoon" movies the most recent featuring Brooke Shields.

Yasawa Island Resort, Fiji

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