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Bensbach Lodge, Western Province, Papua New Guinea

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge is located on the banks of the Bensbach River. The mouth of the river forms the border between Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. The Lodge is small, comfortable and built of local materials, has established a reputation for spectacular barramundi fishing (seasonal). Fresh locally caught fish and game are part of the regular menu.

The area is a vast open, seasonally flooded plain, lightly populated with people, but crowded with bird and animal life. The countryside here is unlike anywhere else in Papua New Guinea. Wide open grasslands are the home to Rusa Deer, wallabies and wild pigs. Crocodiles and giant monitor lizards linger near river banks and teems of wild fowl and ducks fly across the rivers. Two of the greatest rivers in the country, the Fly and the Strickland, run for almost their entire length through the Western Province.

Bensbach Lodge - 321 4467


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