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Hanakee Pearl Lodge, Hiva Oa Island, Tahiti

Hanakee Pearl Lodge, Hiva Oa Island, Tahiti

This hotel is located on the island of Hiva Hoa overlooking the bay and port of Atuona.The spectacular view is of the Taaoa Bay and the Atuona Valley, dominated by Mount Temetiu (1260 m).

Each bungalow has been individually designed by one of twenty artists and sculptors. The hotel has 8 luxurious bungalows with panoramic view, 6 family suites with ocean view and 6 bungalows on the mountain side.

All of the bungalows are equipped with air conditioning, television and video, international direct call facilities, hair dryer, mini bar, safe and so on. The hotel is 20 minutes from the airport by 4 wheel drive. It takes 45 minutes to walk to the village of Atuaona, 20 minutes by bike or 10 minutes by 4 wheel drive.

Hiva Oa Hanakee Pearl Cottages
B.P. 57 - Atuona, HIVA OA

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