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Kia Ora Sauvage, Rangiroa Island, Polynesia
Kia Ora Sauvage, Rangiroa Island, Polynesia

A relative of the Kia Ora Village, the Kia Ora Sauvage is located on the Motu of Avaerahion the far south side of the Rangiroa lagoon, offering five A-frame bungalows.

Located across the lagoon, almost an hour by boat from Kia Ora Village, Kia Ora Sauvage is on a private "motu" islet. Only 5 large deluxe beachfront Polynesian-style bungalows. No electricity, and meals are prepared from the bounty of the lagoon and local gardens, this promises to be the ultimate "Robinson Crusoe" adventure, but without the hardships.

Kia Ora Sauvage
C/o Hotel Kia Ora Village Rangiroa
B.P. 1 Tiputa, RANGIROA
B.P. 4607 Papeete, TAHITI
Tel : (689) 96 02 22 / 96 03 84
Fax : (689) 96 02 20 / 96 04 93
E-mail : resa@kiaora.pf


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