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Hotel Jose Nogueira, Punta Arenas, Chile

Hotel Jose Nogueira, Punta Arenas, Chile

At the end of the American continent, in the southern part of legendary Patagonia and across Tierra del Fuego, on the shores of the Strait of Magellan, lies the most important and the first city in Patagonia: Punta Arenas, Chile.

Right in the middle of downtown is located one of the oldest buildings of the entire Patagonia, the centenary old mansion formerly owned by Don José Nogueira and Doña Sara Braun, two characters who "wrote" the history of Patagonia.

In this historic place, which holds the National Monument status, was settled an exclusive hotel of 25 rooms. The available space was adapted to the original structure and architecture, therefore, some rooms turned out to be bigger than others, but each one of them finely decorated emphasizing three suites.

Bories 959
Punta Arenas - Chile
TEL: (56) 61 248840
FAX: (56) 61 248832
Hotel Jose Nogueira, Punta Arenas, Chile

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