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Barcelo Oasis Termal Hotel, Arapey, Uruguay

Barcelo Oasis Termal Hotel, Arapey, Uruguay

The Hotel is located in the north of the country, 580 kilometers from the capital, Montevideo, and 80 kilometers from the city of Salto, the citrus fruit and stockbreeding capital of the country. There are good connections to Montevideo and Buenos Aires from the regional airport in Salto. The road trip from Montevideo is long but enjoyable as it passes through particularly beautiful areas.

The characteristic climate of Uruguay is temperate and humid. In summer it can get extremely hot, while winter is generally cooler. The Barceló Arapey Oasis Termal is surrounded by hydrothermal rivers in a natural setting. Special emphasis is placed on rest and relaxation at this hotel, located in one of the most beautiful places in Uruguay.

Located in northeastern Uruguay, Termas del Arapey is a particularly popular spot due to its spa waters, which originate from underground rivers. Its properties are highly regarded both for taking invigorating baths and for promoting a total sensation of internal and external health and well being.

The Arapey Thermal Resort is a true gift for the senses, surrounded by an exquisite garden setting with a profusion of beautiful flora and fauna.

Barcelo Oasis Termal Hotel
3 Ruta Termas Del Arapey S N
Salto Uruguay
Barcelo Oasis Termal Hotel, Arapey, Uruguay


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